About us

Our Mission

At Eclispi, our mission is to provide quick access to analogue technologies for creators in the digital domain. From retro film to nostalgic VHS tape, the technology of yesterday is often packed full of style and nuance. The trouble is, accessing these retro formats can be costly and time-consuming for creators in the digital age. The solution we provide at Eclipsi comes in the form of digital packs from authentic scans and recordings of analogue formats, refined and ready to transform digital footage and give it that stylistic retro edge.

Scott Burchell

Mark Miko

The Origin

In 2019, Scott and Mark co-founded Visual Fx Pro. With the mission of providing high quality stock footage for Visual Effects Artists and Editors, they were able to create and share asset packs with filmmakers globally. In November 2020, Eclipsi was launched and would become the home for analogue inspired editing assets. Visual Fx Pro was reborn and introduced an array of assets for VFX artists.