What software are your packs compatible with?

Our packs are compatible with most major editing and compositing software. This includes: Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Filmora and any editor that has blending mode features. - Unfortunately, at this time iMovie doesn't support our packs.

Do your packs work in iMovie?

Unfortunately, the current version of iMovie doesn't include a blending mode function so not all pack files will work inside of iMovie. Feel free to contact us to find out if our packs will work in your editor of choice!

Why not just shoot on real film?

At Eclipsi, we are lovers of Film!

Shooting on real film can be a great way to tell your stories. But not all creators have the budget or time required to shoot on real film. Our packs enable creators of all kinds to access and use real analogue scans to achieve authentic & stylistic looks that are unmatched by emulations and plug ins when shooting on real film isn't a viable option.

Our packs were not created to replace or take away from the format of film. Instead, they were created to make this iconic format instantly accessible to digital creators who don't have the time, money or crew to shoot on real film but want to add the cinematic magic of film to their projects in the digital world.

How do I use overlay packs?

Some of the files included in our packs come Pre-Keyed and work instantly when dropped over your footage. Texture and overlay assets use blending modes to be overlaid.

Simply place the file over your footage and change to your selected blending mode!

Use screen or add blending modes for files with a dark background and hardlight for files with a grey background.

Order Support

I haven't received my download link?

Once an order is placed, you should receive an email confirmation followed by a download link for your order once the payment processing is complete. Make sure you have entered the correct email address and checked your spam & promotions folder for your emails.

If you have waited longer that 10 minutes and haven't received a download link, contact support@eclipsi.tv

I bought a pack before November 2020 and want to re-download?

In November 2020, we updated our store and products. Along with these changes, we began using a new download service. For a number of orders pre dating this, order links may no longer work for some products. If this is the case, please fill out the contact us form below or email contact@eclipsi.tv to receive a new link to your pack(s)

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